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ARC User PolicyEdit

General user policies

System ConfigurationEdit

Public-facing Clusters

Internal Systems

  • HoneyBadger ( is an internal testing system. It just came online (replacing an older version) in September 2013.
  • LM ( is a license server that currently handles Intel, PGI, Matlab, and ASREML licenses.
  • AM ( hosts ARC’s existing allocation system and user portal. The public-facing side is here. Justin has some basic notes about how to use this that he can provide.
  • Web-dev ( is where Sunshin is currently doing his website development.
  • DB ( This VM houses databases that underlie the user portal.

Application SoftwareEdit

Installation of software applications on ARC systems using rpm build


Prioritized Schedule for SuperComputing '13

Education and OutreachEdit

NLI Course Offerings


Latest activityEdit

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